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Washer Maintenance:

We repair all makes and models of residential washers. If your washer is not spinning, not draining, not getting cold or hot water or is leaking call us for an appointment with a professional washer repair specialist. We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. You can also email us for your washer repair appoinment.

. What is the life expectancy of this machine? It's hard to judge with modern machines. Typically older machines last about 20 years. Newer machines are normally problem free for 2-5 years.
2. Inspect the hoses. Check your washing machine’s water hoses for signs of wear or weakness a few times monthly year. If you discover any cracks or blistering, replace the hose. Any damage could cause a leak or burst – and extremely expensive flood damage in your home. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every five years. For more peace of mind, use high-quality, stainless steel hoses. .
3. Don’t overload it. Follow the owner’s manual’s instructions for appropriate loading sizes. Oversized loads will throw the machine off balance and that will lead to problems.
4. Use the appropriate amount of detergent. Washing machine detergentRegardless of what’s recommended on detergent packaging, follow your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended amount of detergent.

5. Clean out the fabric softener dispenser. Fabric softener dispenser Gooey in nature, liquid fabric softener is known to gum up along fabric softener dispensers. Use a damp rag and hot water to clean the dispenser periodically.

6. Clean the inside once monthly. It’s common for detergent residue to build up inside of washing machine tubs. Use a cleaner once per month to keep high-efficiency washing machines free of odor-causing residue.

7. Keep it level. It’s abnormal for washing machines to vibrate the floor and walls of your laundry room. If your washing machine is not exactly level, with all four legs on the floor, it may rock back and forth and vibrate strongly.

8. In the event that your washing machine’s fill hoses burst or water level switch malfunctions, you’ll have instant water damage in the room. These two products can prevent this: Water Shutoff System This water shutoff system prevents water damage by automatically shutting off the water flow when a malfunction is detected. Installation can be completed in five minutes. No special tools are needed. Washing Machine Overflow Pan For smaller leaks and drips, this popular plastic pan fits beneath a washing machine and will protect a floor from water damage due to overflow and leakage. It has a fitting to accommodate drain line attachment.



Dryer Maintenance:

If your dryer doesn't come on, doesn't blow hot air, makes noise or shuts down call us to schedule an appointment with a professional dryer repair specialist. You can also email us for your dryer repair appoinment.

Wash the lint screen out with mild soap and water.

1. Once a year you need to give the inside of your dryer a complete cleaning. In order to do this you will have to pull the plug on the dryer and remove either the front or the rear panel of the dryer. Then take a refrigerator brush and the vacuum cleaner tool hose and suck up all the lint that has accumulated around the inside of the machine. You will be amazed at how much lint there is.
2. Exterior dryer vent flaps often wedge open. This can cause trouble three ways: #1 it allows heat to escape from your house during the winter. #2 it makes your dryer extra cold during the winter and adds to drying time. #3 it allows little critters to climb into the vent line. I have actually had to remove birds nests complete with little birds from dryer vents. Once a year, go to the outside of your house and check to see that the dryer vent is moving smoothly. Clean it thoroughly. Make sure that the vent flap hinges are moving freely.
3. Take the vent line off and give it a thorough cleaning.

Dishwasher Maintenance:

We repair all makes and models of residential dishwashers. If your Dishwasher is not coming on, not cleaning the dishes, leaking water or displaying error call us to schedule an appointment with a professional dishwasher repair specialist. You can also email us for your dishwasher repair appoinment in Atlanta at